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If it turns out you need expert, proven effective and longer-lasting clog removals, the specialists at D&D Enterprises have the latest hydro jetting technology in place of traditional drain snake methods, which leave your drains not only unclogged but also cleaner. For sewer repairs our in-house experts work quickly to diagnose the problem – whether it is a collapse, an accumulation of foreign material, or tree roots that have steadily broken into your sewage system – and apply the best methods available to fix the problem the first time. It is important to let only a professional handle your sewer repair problems, to ensure that the construction costs are minimized. For the best in the industry call D&D Enterprises.

With our intelligent and personable staff, we are confident that from the moment our drainage experts arrive on the scene you will be put at ease by their professionalism and ability to work quickly at getting to the bottom of your particular problem and our extensive drain cleaning services include:

• Clogged toilets, sinks, tubs etc.
• Sewer lines cleared
• Video camera inspections
• Sewer line replacement
• Waste water, sewage backups
• Root infiltration
• Grease trap installation
• Drain vent cleaning
• Rain leader drains

Don’t see your problem listed? Call and ask us about it! We’ve seen (and fixed) drains clogged with everything from hair and soap scum to cat litter and kids’ toys!